About Us

About Kid Central

 Established in 1996, Kid Central is a non-profit preschool/child care center governed by a board of directors made up of parents and community members. We are licensed by the Montana Department of Health and Human Services and are a voluntary participant in the Montana Best Beginnings STARS to Quality Program. This quality rating improvement system aligns quality indicators with support and incentives for Early Childhood programs and early childhood professionals.           

Kid Central also:

  • Is play-based and child-led
  • Has low staff to child ratios
  • Participates in CACFP food programs and offers breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack*
  • Accepts Best Beginning Scholarships (state pay)
  • Has qualified and experienced teachers

*This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer



Kid Central is a non-profit cooperative preschool, which means that the school is owned and operated by the families currently enrolled. While the Kid Central staff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school, we are governed by a board of directors made up of parents and community members who set the tone and determine the direction in which the school will go, in cooperation with staff members.

Participation in a cooperative school means becoming part of a community. The core of our educational philosophy revolves around the belief that children do best when the adults in their lives work together as a team. The structure and requirements of a cooperative preschool experience bridges the home/school gap and encourages the supportive and engaged participation of parents and extended family. Lasting friendships happen inside the walls of our school, and not just between the children. Our parents and teachers are a network of support and camaraderie to rely on and look to for advice, solace, and assistance.


*We believe families are the most important and influential people in the lives of children and, as such, deserve access to every resource and support available.

*We believe parents are the primary teachers of their children and, as such, deserve encouragement, support and reinforcement for their efforts.

*We believe children learn best through constructive play and having opportunities for hands on experiences.

*We believe all people have the right to develop their potential.

*We believe diversity among people brings richness and honor to the human family.

*We believe honest and open communication allows the expression of diverse ideas and increases the value of experiences between individuals and groups.

*We believe Kid Central has a responsibility to build bridges between families, staff and the broader community


Play and Learning

 Research has shown that children learn through play.  Kid Central fosters this need to play by offering large blocks of uninterrupted time for children to play.  Staff choose materials that foster open ended use, as well as more defined play items.  When you step into our facility, it may seem disorganized to you, but to a child busy creating a world of their own, it's just right.

Here are some examples of open ended materials: cardboard tubes, scarves, wooden building blocks,  cardboard boxes, and so much more.  Examples of more defined play items might include baby dolls, a tea pot, connecting blocks or specific dress-up clothes.

We encourage academic learning in a natural way by filling our space with printed letters and numbers, books, opportunities to count and sort, observation areas for natural items from our neighborhood and much more.